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Steam Maintenance Towel BG61549A

Steam Maintenance Towel BG61549A

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    Helicopter model is the crystallization of science and technology and wisdom, its installation process does not need to bathe, change clothes and burn incense, pray god bless. But a maintenance towel is necessary. It helps to concentrate and avoid searching for screws all over the floor. It can put you in a subtle mood throughout, it can let you guess the designer's thoughts, it can give the whole process a sense of ritual.

    It is said that the helicopter model flight seven minutes and three minutes. Small tablecloth is equipment of important form a complete set, this silk slippery tablecloth, can let you enjoy whole assembly process, link each other, successively linked together, step by step reach the position, the mood is joyful, pleasure is invincible.

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Steam  Maintenance Towel BG61549A

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Maintenance Towel(850×550mm)×1


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