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Steam Hood Quick Release Group/General Purpose # H7208

Steam Hood Quick Release Group/General Purpose # H7208

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Product description:
Steam hood quick release kit is suitable for helicopters above 500 level, convenient quick release design, pull ball lock structure. 6061T6 aluminum alloy high-precision CNC machining, installation hole diameter 12MM. The support column adopts a telescopic design, corresponding to different levels of models. If an extra long size is required, the M3 mounting screw can be extended. The entire group of parts is extremely cost-effective.

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700 V2/V3 lower fuselage right panel H7125R

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700 V2
/ V3 fuselage side plate screw H7215

Product specifications:
M3.0×14.0mm Allen screw in cup head× 1 H8×12MM aluminum alloy mounting base ×1

H5×16MM stainless steel ball × 1
1MM steel ball× 2
7×12MM steel sleeve ×1
M12 plastic nut× 1 M12 rubber ring× 1 16×
12MM aluminum alloy seat× 1 M2 metal cover plate× 1

M2.5×6.0mm semi-round head inner hex screw ×1


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