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Steam 600 metal tail boom clamp Mk6070

Steam 600 metal tail boom clamp Mk6070

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Product Description:

It adopts 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC integrated machining, which is suitable for Miao 600 helicopter. The T-shaped reinforced structure can effectively lock the Φ25mm tailpipe to meet the strict flight load-bearing requirements and effectively improve flight stability. Upgrade the tail torsional assembly to effectively improve the concentricity of the tail shaft bearing.

Related Product Number:

Φ25 carbon plastic tailpipe clamp MK6010

Metal 600 tailpipe clamp MK6070

Product Specifications:

Tailpipe clamp tab × 2 (39×34.0×16mm) 7.4g

M3×36mm cup head bushing screw 1.1g ×4(M3×36mm) 1.1g

M3 locknut ×4

Metal tail hanging anti-torsion × 1 (31×7.5mm) 2.1g

M3 half-round head screw×2 (M3×6mm).

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