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Steam 550 horizontal wing mount; U-seat/black

Steam 550 horizontal wing mount; U-seat/black

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Product Description:

Reinforced PC materials are used. 22 metal tailpipe locking suitable for Φ550MM, fixed end pipe and fixed support rod are locked together, which improves the convenience of maintenance. The position of the support rod is improved, so that the force point is in the middle of the tailpipe, which effectively enhances the support force.   

Product Specifications: 

550 horizontal wing mount× 1 (46×13×10mm) 2.5g

550 horizontal underwing mount× 1 (33.5×20×10mm) 2.1g

Carbon fiber horizontal wing × 1 (53.5×21×1.7mm) 1.8g

M3×8mm cup head screw×2 1.0g

M2.5 tail support rod ball head × 2 1.2g


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