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Steam 550/600Main tooth center seat

Steam 550/600Main tooth center seat

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Product Description:

Suitable for Miao 550/600 model, using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material, high-precision four-axis turning and milling composite 3D integrated molding processing, high precision structural strength. THIS MAIN TOOTH CENTER SEAT ADOPTS CUSTOM 10MM WEDGE TYPE UNIDIRECTIONAL BEARINGS WITH TORQUE VALUES OF 22NM, WHICH IS DESIGNED TO MEET THE STRINGENT FLIGHT LOAD-BEARING REQUIREMENTS AND EFFECTIVELY IMPROVE FLIGHT STABILITY AND HANDLING PERFORMANCE.

Product Specifications:

Main chainring center seat × 1 (Φ40×14mm) 7.5g

Wedge bearing liner ×1 (Φ20.5×14.5mm) 8.6g

Wedge bearing inner ring × 1 (Φ17.8×11.0mm) 8.0g

Flange bearing×1 (Φ12×Φ18×4mm) 3.1g

Flange bearing×1 (Φ10×Φ15×4mm) 2.8g

铜圈×1 (Φ13.5×Φ10×5mm)1.65g

M2.5 cup head Allen screw × 5 (M2.5×5mm).

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