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Steam 550/600 Tail Slider Assemblies #MK6068

Steam 550/600 Tail Slider Assemblies #MK6068

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Product description:
Suitable for Miao 550/600 class helicopter, two-color dazzling and eye-catching colors, overall streamlined design, multiple mortise and tenon shape design, without increasing weight, effectively improve the strength of the structure.

Related product number:
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Product Specifications:

Figure-eight ring× 2 (16.5×7.5×3mm) stainless steel pins (Φ2×8mm), ×2 tail axle copper slide sleeve (Φ5×Φ8×16mm) ×1 T-control arm (M5×34.7×

Positioning ring (Φ6×Φ6×1mm)×1 flange bearing (Φ6×10×2.5mm)×
2 Φ4.75 ball ×1

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