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Steam 550/600 standard servo arm

Steam 550/600 standard servo arm

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Product Description:

This is a rudder arm designed for helicopters with holes designed specifically for helicopters. The use of rigid plastic makes the product both fragile and adaptable to the thrust requirements of the rotor head. The limit moment can protect the rotor head metal parts and servo gears, and greatly reduce the flight cost.

It can withstand the impact force of 18 kg in daily use, and if you want to increase the bearing capacity, you need to use the extended ball joint thread and install a nut for the ball joint.

Mounting hole distance: 14mm/17mm/20mm

Suitable for most 25T standard servos:

KST: BLS815/BLS805X/515/725/815/825 and other standard servers Futaba: 9257/9254/3003/BLS257/BLS254 and other servos

Futaba: 9257/9254/3003/BLS257/BLS254 and other servos, including HD powere, Huisheng, Hebin.

Suitable for MG995.MG945, MG996, MG946, S3003.S3003, etc.

25T:Futaba、savox、Xcore、HL、HSP、HD power、Go tech

Product Specifications:

25T standard servo arm × 4PCS (29.5×12×6mm) 1.0g

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