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Steam 550/600 Metal Tail Rotor Clamp Set

Steam 550/600 Metal Tail Rotor Clamp Set

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Product Description:

Using 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC integrated machining, suitable for Miao 550/600 model The newly designed centrifugal force balance structure clamp with thrust really plays a symmetrical balancing role. The step-type three-bearing design is adopted, which lengthens the radial distance of the bearing to the shaft, and all bearings are installed on the tail coupling, no longer relying on screws to fix it, effectively preventing the probability of injection. Solved the drawbacks of insufficient original design. (Note: This part needs to be equipped with the Miao 550/600 Metal Dual Push L-Arm MK6015A and the Steam 550/600 Metal Dual Push Tail Control Set - Upgrade MK6015C Use).

Product Specifications:


Tail rotor clamp ×2 (40×20×14mm) 4.6g

Tail rotor transverse axis ×1 (Φ10×Φ2.5×41mm) 7g

Plain bearing×4(Φ5×Φ8×3mm)

Horizontal shaft washer×2(Φ6×Φ8×0.6mm)

Thrust bearing×2(Φ4×Φ8×3.5mm)

Allen screw ×2 (M3×8mm)

M3 anti-leakage screw ×1 (M3x3mm)

M3 half circle head screw ×2 (M3x16mm)

M3 locknut ×2

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