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Steam 550/600 Metal Cross

Steam 550/600 Metal Cross

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Product Description:

Suitable for Miao 550/600 model, using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material, high-precision four-axis turning and milling composite 3D integrated molding processing, high precision structural strength. Meet the stringent flight load-bearing requirements, effectively improve flight stability and handling performance. The cross plate adopts a patented design without false position, independent fixing method, this patented design can reduce the assembly clearance, only the bearings themselves are swayed. The use of this structure can be very convenient to repair, disassemble and maintain the cross plate. Using Japanese NSK fisheye bearing, all ball head threads are increased to 3.0mm, avoiding the problem of easy slippage and damage of the original M2 ball joint, so as to adapt to the load requirements of the current mainframe for cross discs.

Product Specifications:

Cross plate set outer disc × 1 (Φ60.4×Φ30×14mm) 17g

The inner disc × of the cross plate set is 1 (Φ36.7×17Φ×10mm) 5.6g

Under cross plate bearing mount× 1 (32.5Φ×16.5Φ×3mm) 2.7g

Cross disc outer disc bearing×1 (Φ37×Φ30×4mm)

Fisheye bearing× 1 0.7g

Fisheye bearing gland × 1 (27Φ×17Φ×1.8mm) 0.4g

M3×4mm guide long ball ×1 (Φ4.7×29.5mm) 1.8g

M3×4mm ball ×6 (Φ4.7×10.6mm) 0.85g

M2 cup head screw ×5 (M2×5mm).

M2 half-round head screw ×4 (M2×4mm).

M2 metal gasket surface ×3

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