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Steam 25T Fragile M2.5 Metal Servo Arm 14/18MM H7044

Steam 25T Fragile M2.5 Metal Servo Arm 14/18MM H7044

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       Adopt 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC processing. Suitable for 25T standard servo. Equipped with fragile servo arm ring. It can help to protect metal part of main rotor assembly and servo gear when crash. At the same time, the metal arm does not affect the reaction speed of the server. The use of this upgrade is of great help in operational flight.

Installation hole location distance:14mm/18mm

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Applicable to most 25T standard servo:

KST: BLS815/BLS805X/515/725/815/825 etc standard servo

Futaba: 9257/9254/3003/BLS257/BLS254 etc servo

Include HD power

Suitable for MG995.MG945,MG996,MG946,S3003.S3003 etc.

25T:Futaba、savox、Xcore、HL、HSP、HD power、Go tech


25T Metal Standard Servo Arm×1PCS

M3×6MM Button Head Screw×1

25T Fragile Gear Ring×2

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