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Steam Φ2.5MM ball buckle

Steam Φ2.5MM ball buckle

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Product Description:

It is suitable for 550/600 class helicopter modification and upgrade, and the thread rod Φ2.5mm is installed, and the thread depth observation hole is increased. The dazzling colors meet the individual requirements, and the structural design meets the strict load-bearing requirements of flight, effectively improving flight stability.

Installation precautions:

1: Ball head buckle screw installation, the effective depth needs to be greater than 1.5 times the diameter.

2: The ball head and ball buckle need to be installed with zero tolerance and can be rotated smoothly. Ball reamers or WD40 lubricants can be used.

Product Specifications:

550/600 ball buckle× 4PCS (Φ2.5×23.5×3.5mm) 0.45g

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