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OMP Hobby M7 RC Helicopter Frame and Motor Kit

OMP Hobby M7 RC Helicopter Frame and Motor Kit

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OMP Hobby M7 RC Helicopter Frame and Motor Kit
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Introducing OMPHOBBY M7! The M7 is OMPHOBBY's largest heli to date, a true 700 size machine. With the ability to run up to 715mm + 116mm main rotor blades and a flying weight of around 5300g with standard electronics, this helicopter is ready for anything you could throw at it. Whether your goal is competition level 3D flying or leisurely hobby flying, the M7 will do it all!
With the M7's main and tail rotors following the same long-throw design philosophy of the M4, you can fly with absolute confidence and virtually unlimited control power on all axes. Together with the RotorTech 700 Ultimate, the M7 reaches unparalleled agility and stability!
Driven by SUNNYSKY's Master Series motors with a wide range of pinions, the M7's power system is quiet and efficient in every situation and can be adjusted perfectly to every pilot's personal preference.
Many innovations make the M7 a unique and future-proof airframe. Some highlights include the helically driven belt tensioner, molded lower carbon frames with integrated battery rails, vibration isolating FBL platform, wiring paths across the entire model, coaxiality guide for the motor mount, mechanically adjustable rotor phase and self-retaining blade washers and much, much more!
The M7 is engineered with many state-of-the-art design features, such as a beautifully painted fiberglass canopy which closes in the back, a hollow 15mm main shaft with a large sprag clutch for power transfer, a sturdy helical main gear, an 8mm wide tail belt with very large pulleys, a strutless large diameter tail boom and much, much more!
Available soon!
Features of the OMPHOBBY M7
• All new 700 size helicopter from OMPHOBBY
• Designed by Jonas Wackershauser
• Large control throws on all axes providetremendous authority and maneuverability
• Ball bearing supported spindle shaft pivot for precise rotor phase alignment and crisp collective authority
• Possible blade lengths up to 715mm + 116mm
• RotorTech 700 Ultimate + RotorTech 106 Ultimate, the best performing 700 blades on the market, include

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