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Multifunctional paddle balancer

Multifunctional paddle balancer

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Product description:
Steam Terminator Tuning Tool Set, modular design, assembled and used. We can purchase components separately according to our own aircraft models to make the most of them and reduce costs.
Multi-function propeller balancer H60110 is suitable for balancing four kinds of paddles with rotor mounting hole diameter of Φ2/Φ3/Φ4/Φ5MM, basically covering all 250~800 level paddles. The large dial level is clear and accurate, the mounting holes are loose, and the overall size is larger than the conventional layout.
The multi-function paddle balancer can be used alone, and can be used with a cross-shaft wrench to form a quick-release structure, plus a cross plate base for more convenient use.
Steam Terminator Tuning Tool Set, suitable for 250~800 level model aircraft helicopter debugging tools, with cross disc horizontal adjustment, horizontal axis removal, paddle balance and other functions.
1: Φ3/Φ4/Φ5/Φ6Φ8/Φ10/Φ12/Φ15MM four types of bushings and eight diameters of helicopter spindles.
2: Φ19.5~Φ70MM diameter cross disc, divided into two chassis.
3: Φ: 5/Φ6/Φ8/Φ9Φ10MM five diameters of horizontal axis disassembly.
4: The rotor mounting hole diameter is Φ2/Φ3/Φ4/Φ5MM four kinds of paddle balance, basically covering all 250~800 level paddles.

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Multi-function paddle balancer H60110
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product specifications:

Φ36.0×6.5MM level×1 flange bearing (Φ5.0×Φ10×4.0mm)×2 fine grinding shaft (Φ5.0×Φ44.0mm) ×1 Φ5.0×0.8mm stainless steel reed×2
paddle balancer bottom plate × 1 (24×126×
5.8 Allen cap screws× 2 M2.0×8MM Allen screws in cup head× 2 M3.0×14MM Allen screws in cup head× 2 M4.0×16MM Allen screws × 2

M5.0×18MM cup head Allen screws ×2

H7× M5 aluminum column ×1

M5×6MM half-round head screw ×2

M2 carbon fiber board × 2


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