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Miniature Bearing Remover Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm HZ052

Miniature Bearing Remover Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm HZ052

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Product Description:

The disassembly of embedded miniature bearings has always been difficult, especially for small bearings below 6mm, and even the almighty Taobao can not be found. This product is a testament to the innovative power of Steam engineers, and this is the first time in the industry that such a small bearing remover has been made for use in a helicopter model, and its application is very wide.

Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm micro bearing remover is suitable for disassembling bearings with inner diameter of Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm, and is processed by CNC fine grinding of high hardness carbon steel. There are a total of four types of remover in this group. Among them, there are two types of Φ3mm miniature bearing removers:

A. One is for the disassembly of the two bearings with a small space at the bottom, because the two bearings have been attached to the dismounter and cannot be extended.

B. The first section corresponds to the disassembly of the inline bearing in the separate state of the two bearings, and the disassembly of the normal micro bearing.

The Terminator series of tools is a product designed by the designer for more than 20 years, and he no longer wants to design similar products, so he named this series of tools Terminator. This series of tools is very classic and highly recommended by designers.

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Φ3mm miniature fitting bearing remover×1

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Φ4mm miniature bearing remover×1

Φ5mm miniature bearing remover×1

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