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Metal pitch gauge / charging model

Metal pitch gauge / charging model

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The Steam metal pitch ruler has a charging function, no longer need to worry about battery failure during use, and comes with a Type-C charging cable, which can provide power to the product at any time. It is suitable for helicopter rotor measurement angle measurement with a propeller thickness of 5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm.

First place the metal pitch ruler in the relatively flat part of the motor or helicopter, and press the ABS/REF key briefly to clear the angle. The angle value obtained by installing the metal pitch ruler on the rotor is the pitch angle.                         


Button introduction description:

1. ON/OFF key, on/off. (press and hold for three seconds) The power-on is displayed as the default horizontal angle.

2. ABS/REF key, short press the key, the value returns to zero, liquid crystal display (REF) 0.0° short press the key again, liquid crystal display (ABS) display (ABS) shows the initial horizontal angle.

3. Hold/LSV key, short press for angle lock/long press for three seconds to switch to slope measurement.


Product specifications

1. Built-in lithium battery 3.7V/200MAH

2. Measurement accuracy: 0.1 degrees

3. Working temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius

4. The three-axis gyroscope has an automatic screen reversal function

5. With backlight function, it can be used at night

6. Maximum current: 5mA

7. Size: 87.5×58.5×14mm

8. Detectable angle range± 90 degrees

9. With tilt direction indication

10. With power saving function, automatically turn off the power after 3 minutes of standby

11. Weight: 100g


Product Specifications:


USB charging cable × 1

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