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iCharger 458 Duo 2200W 45A 8S Dual Port Charger

iCharger 458 Duo 2200W 45A 8S Dual Port Charger

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iCharger 458 Duo 2200W 45A 8S Dual Port Charger

Click here to download the iCharger 458 Duo manual.

Introducing the 458Duo iCharger - the most powerful iCharger yet! Don't let its familiar appearance fool you, this dual-port charger boasts 45A charge rates per channel, packing a massive 2200W output. Designed to exceed its predecessor, the 308Duo, the 458Duo features beefier input and output connections that can handle higher current levels. Its open-port style balance connections eliminate the need for separate balance boards, while the sleek IPS display and improved temperature ports make for a user-friendly experience. The charger also includes a USB-C fast-charge port for added convenience. With the 458Duo, you can simultaneously charge batteries with different cell counts at up to 45A per channel, and combine both channels for a blazing 70A charge rate. When it comes to charging, nothing beats the power and convenience of an iCharger.

Specifications: Input voltage range: 10-49VDC Maximum Output voltage: 40VDC Maximum input current limit: 70A (Channel 50A) Maximum charge/discharge current: 70A (Channel 45Ax2) Maximum charge power capacity: 2200W (Channel 1600Wx2) Maximum discharge power capacity: 140W (Channel 80Wx2) Maximum regenerative discharge power capacity: 2200W (Channel 1600Wx2) Maximum extra discharge power capacity: 2200W (Channel 1600W @36V/45A) Maximum current drain for balancing: 4A (Channel 2Ax2) Type-C PD port: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Support Battery type: LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiVH, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb Net weight: 930g Dimensions: 171×118×57 ±0.5mm

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