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FrSky Tandem X20S Transmitter with Battery SD Card Handle Shell

FrSky Tandem X20S Transmitter with Battery SD Card Handle Shell

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FrSky Tandem X20S Transmitter

The FrSky Tandem X20 Series is a telemetry radio system that operates on two frequency bands. FrSky utilized feedback from its vast customer base and previous radio experience to develop this system, which incorporates many new features. These features include a color touch screen display and an ergonomic design that provides unparalleled comfort. FrSky has also introduced a powerful and reliable TD dual-band RF system that combines the benefits of the FrSky 900MHz and 2.4GHz RF systems. The TD dual-band RF system provides true simultaneous dual-band remote control with telemetry and excellent end-to-end 4ms latency performance. When combined with the new ETHOS operating system, FrSky's Tandem X20 Series offers users a powerful, intuitive, and flexible experience in the RC world.

The design of the Tandem X20 Series radio system is well thought-out, with a focus on technology, ergonomics, and user experience. The radio system has been constructed using lightweight materials to maintain a strong and robust quality, while also keeping the weight under 1000 grams. The radio's top area features an 800 x 480-pixel color touch screen display that is easy to read both indoors and outdoors, even in direct sunlight.

To enhance usability, the Tandem X20 features six customizable buttons on the front case that can be easily programmed to switch between features, making it particularly useful for flight modes. Additionally, two rear momentary buttons have been included to provide further flexibility, which are conveniently positioned for DLG pilots' launch fingers, regardless of whether they are left or right-handed. Furthermore, all the trims and pots have been constructed using CNC metal hardware, which increases the radio's durability.

The Tandem X20 features ergonomically designed handle grips with comfortable, high-quality materials that fit the hand perfectly. The hall-gimbals are well-positioned and situated close to the grip edge, making it effortless to reach and control. Additionally, the stick travel and spring tension can be customized (45°/60°), and the S & HD versions enable adjustable L/R 8° rotating gimbals.

The system TD offers a unique combination of FrSky's 900MHz and 2.4GHz RF features and benefits. It comprises an internal dual-band module that operates at 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies and an external module bay. With TD, you can enjoy reliable long-range control and telemetry with an end-to-end latency of only 4ms. The signal link is robust and of high quality, thanks to the real simultaneous dual-band feature. The system is compatible with the entire range of FrSky's TD, ACCESS, and ACCST D16 receivers. Moreover, the TANDEM RF System that comes integrated in TD supports both ACCESS and ACCST D16 protocols.

Furthermore, the Tandem X20 comes with a rear Lite version module bay, providing additional options for connecting external devices. The external Lite module bay is compatible with R9M Lite, R9M PRO Lite, XJT Lite, and other similar devices. FrSky encourages working compatibility with 3rd party products that follow their verified 3rd party compatibility-testing program while using their proprietary technology.


  • Dimension: 212*200*95 mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 809g (without battery)
  • Operating system: ETHOS
  • Internal RF module: TANDEM
  • Number of Channels: Up to 24 channels
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-battery)
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~60°C(14°F~140°F)
  • Operating Current: 240mA@7.4V (typ.)
  • Charging Current: ≤1A ±200mA
  • USB Adaptor Voltage: 5V+0.2V
  • USB Adaptor Current: >2.0A
  • Backlit touchable LCD resolution: 800*480
  • Compatibility: ACCST D16 & ACCESS & TD receivers


  • Built-in TD 900M/2.4G Dual-Band Internal RF Module Supports Multiple Working Modes
    • 2.4G ACCST D16Mode (Compatible with ACCST Receivers with D16 V2 or later FW)
    • 2.4G ACCESSMode (Compatible with ACCESS Receivers)
    • 900M ACCESSMode (Compatible with ACCESS R9 868/915MHz Receivers)
      (*Capable of simultaneous working under ACCESS mode)
    • 2.4G & 900M TD Mode (Compatible with TD Receivers)
  • Super-low latency and long-range control with telemetry
    (*Up to 50 to 100KM range and down to 4ms end-to-end latency)
  • 800*480 Color Touch-Screen Displays
  • 6 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons (Front) and 2 Momentary Buttons (Rear)
  • Lite Type External Module Bay
  • Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope Sensor
  • All CNC Metal Trims, Knobs
  • Haptic Vibration Alerts and Voice Speech Outputs
  • Supports SWR Indicator Warning
  • Supports Recharge System for 2S Li-ion Battery (USB Type-C Interface)
  • High-speed PARA Wireless Training System (Compatible with FreeLink App3.0)
  • Built-in Audio Wireless Module (Compatible with Bluetooth Audio Device)
  • All CNC High-Precision Hall-Sensor Gimbals with 10 Ball-Bearing
    • Adjustable 45° / 60° stick travel (Additional Travel Limiter Tool is required)
    • 8° rotatable panel
  • ETHOS: The more powerful, Flexible and Intuitive OS for your radio.
    • Clear and Intuitive UI Design
    • Supports Dual Operation Modes of Radio Display (Touch and Non-Touch)
    • Supports Multi-Language Switching
    • Hardware/Software Version and Factory Version Detection
    • Supports running LUA Scripts

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