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AK700 Tail Boom

AK700 Tail Boom

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Product Description:

Suitable for Steam AK700 helicopter, using 6061T6 aluminum alloy fine grinding CNC machining. The brilliant color-sprayed three-color tailpipes bring conspicuous recognition in the air and help the flight performance.

Related Product Numbers:

AK700 Tri-Color Tail Spray Pipe/Powder Blue Yellow AK7157-FLH

AK700 Tri-Color Tail Spray Tube/Orange Yellow Green AK7157-CHL

AK700 Colour Spray Tail Pipe/Fluorescent Yellow AK7157-YGH

AK700 Colour Spray Tail Pipe/Fluorescent Orange AK7157-YGC

AK700 Racing Colorful Tailpipe AK7157-JS

AK700 tailpipe/black AK7157H

AK700 tailpipe/blue AK7157L

AK700 tailpipe/orange AK7157C


AK700 three-color tail spray pipe / powder blue yellow (Φ33.5× Φ34.6×855.0mm) ×1

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