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AK700 Metal Swashplate

AK700 Metal Swashplate

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      700 Metal Swashplate is suitable for Steam Armor 700 Helicopter. Adopt 6061T6 aluminum high precision nc machining, with high precision structural strength. Meet stringent flight load bearing requirements, effectively improve flight stability and control performance. Outer is with double row angular contact bearing, inner is with high precision fisheye bearing. Linkage ball threads increased to 3.0mm. Avoid small size thread easy to slip and fragile problems. To adapt to the current mainframe load requirements of the swashplate.

Related Product Number:

700 Metal Swashplate   H7011  

700 Swashplate Outer   H7107

700 Swashplate Inner    H7108

700 Main Rotor Linkage Rod      H7007    

700 Servo Linkage Rod          H7008

700 Swashplate Ball Link         H7109

700 Ball Link          H7110 


700 Swashplate Outer×1 (Φ70×Φ40×19mm) 

700 Swashplate Inner×1 (Φ56×Φ23×13mm)  

Swashplate Lower Bearing Fixed Ring×1 (32.5×Φ22Φ×13mm)

Swashplate Outer Bearing×1 (Φ42×Φ30×9mm) 

Φ30mm Fisheye Bearing×1

M3×4mm Long linkage Rod×1 (Φ5.8×32.5mm)2.0g

M3×4mm Linkage Ball×7 (Φ5.0×6.5mm) 0.85g

M2 Cup Head Screw ×3(M2×5mm)

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