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AK400/420Tail rotor clamp bearing set

AK400/420Tail rotor clamp bearing set

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Product Description:

AK400/420 tail rotor clamp bearing set is suitable for AK400/420 tail rotor clamp AK4042.

Related Product Number:AK400/420 Tail Rotor Clamp/Tail Oar Clamp AK4042 AK400/420 Metal Main Tail Axle AK4039 AK400/420 Metal Dual Push Holder AK4074 AK400/420 Metal Crab Claw Control Group


AK400/420 Tail Axle Slip Set AK4043

Product specifications: bearing × 1 (Φ3.0×Φ7.0×3mm) plane thrust bearing× 1 (Φ3×Φ7×3.5mm) flange bearing ×1 (Φ3.0×Φ5.0×2.3mm metal gasket ×1 (Φ5×Φ7.0×0.5mm



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