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AK400/420 Plastic miniature servo mounting sheet

AK400/420 Plastic miniature servo mounting sheet

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Product Description:

AK400/420 micro servo mounting, suitable for lateral installation of micro servo and 1.5MM thickness carbon fiber plate, suitable for most micro servo installation.

Related Product Number:AK400/420 Micro Servo Mounting Plate AK4083 AK400/420 Metal Medium Servo Mounting Plate AK AK400/420 Micro Servo Side Panel Mounts AK4055

AK400/420 21nd Generation Fragile Servo Arm/4062T/
Green AK400HL
AK420/2 25nd generation fragile servo arm/4064T/green AK<>HL

Product specifications:
elevator side plate mount× 2 (15× 5.0× 6.5mm)
M2.0×8.0mm Allen screw in cup head ×4


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