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AK400/420 Metal Tail Oar Clip

AK400/420 Metal Tail Oar Clip

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Product description: AK400/420 tail rotor clamp is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC integrated processing, suitable for AK400/420 helicopter.
The ultra-light design can better make the tail rotor angle change more delicately, and effectively reduce the flight vibration value.
Note: This part needs to be used with the 700 new T-tail shaft H7227.

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Product specifications:
AK400/420 rear rotor clamp (26×Φ18×Φ11.6mm)× 1 metal ball (Φ5.0×10.5mm(M3×4.0mm)×1 M2×1MM cup head hexagon sleeve screw× 1

M2 anti-slip nut×1


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