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AK400/420 Feathering Shaft Locating Rubber/Upgraded Part/Green

AK400/420 Feathering Shaft Locating Rubber/Upgraded Part/Green

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        AK400/420 Feathering Shaft Locating Rubber/Upgraded Part/Green AK4035Lsuitable for Steam AK400/420 helicopter model. The rubber ring is ten degrees stiffer than AK4035H. High precision molding. Special design transverse rubber spacer. Effectively reduce vibration of main rotor. Meet stringent flight bearing requirements and effectively improve flight stability. Please apply Steam rubber grease HOT00006 when using HOT00006. Enjoy a better assembly process.

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Locating Ring×2(Φ5.0×Φ13.0×11mm)
Green Rubber×4(Φ14.0×Φ10×2.0mm)
Rubber Feathering Shaft Spacer×2(Φ8.5×Φ12.5×2.5mm)

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