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700V2/V3 Double Bearing Motor Mount/Up

700V2/V3 Double Bearing Motor Mount/Up

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       Steam 700V2/V3 Double Bearing Motor Mount/Up is suitable for Steam Armor 700V2/V3 helicopter. High precision CNC machining of 6061T6 aluminum alloy. The strong motor line outlet is reserved, and the whole frame is on the edge of the carbon fiber plate, which can achieve the lightest product while maintaining the structural strength. Integrated third bearing motor mount, effectively prevent the transverse force of helical teeth on the motor shaft. Integrated design leads to lighter, better and more reasonable structure.

700V2/V3 side panel needs to be replaced.


Related Product Number: 
700V2/V3 Integrated Motor Mount H7207

700 V2/V3 Upper Fuselage Plate(L) H7124L

700 V2/V3 Upper Fuselage Plate(R) H712R
700 V2/V3 Lower Fuselage Plate(L) H7125L
700 V2/V3 Lower Fuselage Plate(R) H7125LR
700 V2/V3 Integrated Battery Slide Chute(L) H7205L
700 V2/V3 Integrated Battery Slide Chute(R) H7205R
700 V1/V2/V3 700 V1/V2/V3 Landing Gear Reinforced Carbon Fiber Plate H7127 
700 V1/V2/V3 700 V1/V2/V3 Reinforced Vertical Tail  H7126
700 V2/V3 700 V2/V3 Integrated Slide Chute Battery Tray H7209
700V2 Canopy Fixing Column H7210
700  V3 Canopy Fixing Column H7211
700 V2/V3 Fuselage Side-plate Connector H7212
Steam Canopy Quick Disassembly/General Purpose H7208
700V2 Canopy H7213
700 V2/V3 Fuselage Side-plate screws H7215


Metal Motor Housing×1(46.0×48.0×8.0mm)

High Speed Bearing×1(Φ8.0×Φ16.0×4mm)

M3×6MM Socket Screw×2

M4.0×10mm Socket Screw×4

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