AK700 New carbon vertical tail

AK700 New carbon vertical tail

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Product Description:

The 700's new carbon fiber vertical tail is suitable for Steam 700 class helicopters and is precision machined with a new carbon fiber sheet CNC precision machining with a thickness of 2mm. The interior is made of composite materials, which improve the flexural strength and compressive strength by about 5%, and can be 20% lighter than pure carbon fiber.

Related Product Number:

Steam 700 new carbon vertical rear wing H7074A

Steam 700 pure carbon vertical rear wing H7074B

Steam 700 side panel sticker/white H7062A

Steam 700 side panel sticker/red H7062B

Steam 700 side panel sticker/yellow H7062C


Product Specifications:

Steam 700 Carbon Tail Vertical Wing×1 (210×120×2mm) 10.2g

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