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700 New Type Double Hole Main Rotor Holder Arm

700 New Type Double Hole Main Rotor Holder Arm

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       New 700 Main Rotor Holder Arm is suitable for Steam 700 Main Rotor Holder H7221. Adopt 6061T6 aluminum alloy high precision nc machining. This is a very unique design, in the use of φ2.5mm thread of the ball head, or can make the ball head distance to produce a subtle change of 2MM, to correspond to different flight feel. When the server arm is rotated by 15°, the rotor can be changed by 17.5 degrees when the 31MM hole is installed. When installed 33mm, it can bring 16.4 degrees of change to the rotor.

Caution:This part is supposed to use with 700 New Type Main Rotor Holder H7221.

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700 New Type Double Holder Main Rotor Holder Arm(40×24×9.0mm)×1
Metal Linkage BallΦ5×19.1mm(M2.5×5.0mm)×1
M3.0×6mm Socket Screw×2

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