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700 New Panel Kit

700 New Panel Kit

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Product Description:

The 700 new panel set is suitable for Steam700 class helicopters and is precision machined with a new carbon fiber sheet CNC precision machining with a thickness of 2mm. The interior is made of composite materials, which improve the flexural strength and compressive strength by about 5%, and can be 20% lighter than pure carbon fiber.

Related Product Number:

700 New Panel Kit H7047A

700 Pure Carbon Panel Set H7047B

Product Specifications:

700 new battery lower plate× 1 (265×69×2mm) 45.5g

700 new battery upper board × 1 (180×41.5×2mm) 9.5g

Metal fixing column × 1 (10×6×5mm)


Metal connection column× 6 (Φ4×7mm)

M2.5×5mm Allen step screw ×1

M2.5×5mm countersunk socket hex screw ×12

M2.5×5×0.2mm graphite nylon gasket ×12

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