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700 New Main Rotor Holder Set H7221A

700 New Main Rotor Holder Set H7221A

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       700 Main Rotor Holder is suitable for Steam Armor 700 Main Rotor Holder Set. Adopt 6061-T6 aluminum alloy full high precision nc machining. New Type Main Rotor Holder adopts Juxtaposed structure of flange bearing and double row angle contacting bearing. Make the rotor holder maintenance more convenient. Equipped with the 0-1mm Rotor Holder Gasket H7203 with embedded design, it can easily install 12MM and 14MM rotors.(Caution:14MM blade is not need to be with gasket.)The design is equipped with oil filling holes to facilitate bearing lubrication during use, without disassembling the whole set of parts, and multiple mortise and tenon joints to strengthen the structure design, so as to meet strict flight bearing requirements and effectively improve flight stability.

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New Type Main Rotor Housing×1(Φ29×Φ30×17×20.5×68mm)
Flange Bearing×1(Φ10.0×Φ19.0×7.0mm)
Double Row Angle Contacting Bearing×1(Φ10.0×Φ19.0×7.0mm)
Plane Thrust Bearing×1(Φ10×Φ19×6.0mm)
Metal Washer×1(Φ10×Φ13.5×1mm)×1
M3.0×6mm Socket Screw×2
M5.0×33.5mm Socket Screw×1
M5.0 Nut

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