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700 Ball Link/NEW H7110H / H7110C

700 Ball Link/NEW H7110H / H7110C

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       700 Swashplate Ball Link is suitable for class 700 helicopter modified and upgraded. Install thread rod φ 3.0mm, design thread depth observation hole. With stainless steel anti-cracking circle design. To meet the personalized requirements, the structure design meets the strict flight bearing requirements, effectively improve the flight stability.



1.Thread rod installed, effect depth should be greater than 2 times the diameter.

2.Linkage ball and ball link need to be installed with zero tolerance. And confirm it can turn smoothly. Can use reamer or WD40 lubricant.


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M3×Φ5.0mm Ball Link×6 (M3×Φ5×Φ6×24mm)

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