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550/600 DFC Fuselage aluminum columns/64MM MK60119

550/600 DFC Fuselage aluminum columns/64MM MK60119

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Product Description:
Suitable for Miao 550/600DFC model, using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material, high-precision turning and milling compound 3D integrated molding processing.

Item No.: 550/600 DFC Zoomlion MK60110 550/600 DFC Transverse Positioning Rubber Ring MK60120
Steam 550 Transverse MK55018

550DFC Paddle Clamp MK55111

550DFC Clamp Arm MK55112
550DFC Tilt Link MK55113
Steam 600 Transverse Axis MK6058 600DFC Large Paddle Clamp MK60111 600DFC Clamp Arm MK60112

600DFC Tilt Link
MK60113550/600 DFC Swashplate Set MK60121
550DFC Rotary Wing Head Assembly MK55009
600DFC Rotary Wing Head Assembly MK60009

550/600 DFC body aluminum pillar × 1 (H5×Φ2.5×64mm) 17g
M2.5×5.8mm hexagon socket step screw ×2


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