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550/600 Standard landing gear battery tray rale/Left #Mk60114

550/600 Standard landing gear battery tray rale/Left #Mk60114

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      550/600 standard landing gear Battery Chute is suitable for Steam MK550/600 helicopter battery tray fixing. 6061T6 aluminum alloy high precision nc machining. The metal chute adopts mortise and tenon structure and carbon fiber side plate assembly. Avoid impact force by screw to bear, in the maintenance of structural strength, to achieve the lightest.

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550/600 standard Landing gear Battery Chute/L MK60114

550/600 Standard landing gear Battery Chute/R MK60115

550/600 standard landing gear Battery Chute×1(235.0×11×3.0mm)
M2.5x4.8mm Step Screw x3
M3x8mm Button Head Screw x2


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